Are You Wearing the Right Eyeglass Lenses?

Lenses come with a wide variety of options and eyeglass lenses are constantly changing. So, how do you know you are choosing the right lenses and lens coatings for your lifestyle? During your appointment with a Village Eyecare eye doctor in Chicago, we will help you choose the right frames and lenses depending on your age, lifestyle and needs.

By understanding your choices, you can make an informed decision. Ask your Chicago eye doctor or optician for more information about any lenses you are interested in. Here is summary of lens types and coatings, and the benefits that each lens can provide or click here to learn more.

Types of Eyeglass lenses:

  • Single Vision Lenses – Single vision lenses have the same degree of correction throughout the entire lens. Single vision lenses are ideal for many people since it corrects far, intermediate and near vision problems.Ideally they are used for reading or single power distance vision.
  • Progressive Lenses – Progressive lenses feature a progression of powers so that you can see at all distances – distance, intermediate and near. Progressive lenses look the same as single vision lenses, offering a smooth appearance unlike a bifocal which has an unsightly line. Progressive lenses are preferred over bifocal and trifocal lenses for their no-line, seamless transition. An important distinction to make between bifocals and progressive lenses is that progressives also provide an intermediate zone for the computer vision and mid-range tasks, while bifocals do not.

The type of lenses you choose is just one aspect of your eyeglasses. Additionally, you will want to consider other details such as specialty eyeglass coatings and treatments. These advanced lens technologies can offer the best in eye protection, cosmesis and visual comfort.

Specialty/Advance Lens Options:

  • iScription – This new technology creates a three-dimensional map of your eye imperfections, which is used to custom shape your lenses to create sharper vision and superior comfort. iScription can be used to create single vision and progressive lenses.
  • Digital Lenses – Designed for the avid digital device user, these lenses provide comfort and reduce eyestrain and fatigue caused by constant refocusing of near to far vision. These lenses reduce or eliminate the common vision strain that sometimes leads to headaches that many people experience when using handheld digital devices such as smart phones and tablets.
  • Computer Lenses – These lenses are designed to minimize glare and make it easier to focus at computer screen distance. Since they are customized for computer use, they are highly recommended as a second pair option used for occupational use.
  • Driving Lenses – For those who love the road, these lenses offer better vision in low light driving conditions, and reduce glare from car and street lights. Driving lenses are available in both single vision and progressive lenses. We recommend Zeiss Drive Wear lenses.
  • Polarized Lenses – When prescription sunglasses are needed, polarized lenses offer superior anti-glare and vision clarity over tinted lenses. A great option for driving on sunny and/or raining conditions, these lenses offer both UV-A and UV-B light protection.
  • PhotoFusion Photochromic Lenses – These lenses transition quickly from a clear to dark tint for the convenience of everyday use, make light transitions more comfortable, and offer 100% protection against harmful solar UV rays.

Eyeglass Lens Coatings & Treatments:

  • DuraVision – This  Anti-Reflective, Scratch Resistant, Anti-Static, and Hydrophobic qualities protecting your lenses from damage, making them easier to clean, repel dirt and dust, while helping to reduce glare of distracting reflections.
  • BlueProtect – If you spend much of your time in front of the computer or TV, blue light protect is critical for prevention of retinal cell damage, phototoxicity, sleep disturbances, and macular degeneration.

Which lenses are right for you?

Many things can assist you in selecting the lenses that will work best for you. Some aspects to look at are your lifestyle, the types of work you do on a regular basis, what activities you participate in, or how often you drive. Ask your eye doctor in Chicago about the latest technology for your eyeglasses.

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