Are Designer Prescription Glasses Worth It?

Designer eyeglasses are not just about a logo or a brand name; they come with a higher quality, they are more durable, and carry a warranty and reputation that you don’t get from imitation or no brand eyewear.

What are designer eyeglasses?

The label “designer” gives a false impression that it is just about the way glasses look. But the advantages that designer eyeglasses provide are about much more. Of course, there is always the trendiness factor, but designer glasses have much better construction and are far more durable than others that you can buy discounted on the internet or otherwise.

Professional designers are experts at matching each style and personality. What they are also excellent at is accommodating everyone’s specific needs. Since there is nothing more irritating than glasses that rub against your face, won’t stay put, or have edges in all the wrong places, designers work very hard to make eyewear that fit you like a glove. No matter what your face shape is, there is a glass frame designed perfectly for you.

Also, Village Eyecare uses ZEISS, the latest in form fitting technology, to provide each patient with the best vision possible. Each pair of designer frames is perfectly fit to match an individual’s facial measurements and unique features.

Other advantages of designer eyeglasses

Another advantage of designer frames is that you have an abundance of lenses to choose from. From anti-reflective lenses to anti-glare computer lenses, a full spectrum of options is available to suit your lifestyle and help you see the best in all conditions that you encounter. For the glasses you intend to take on the go for your weekend warrior adventures, choosing lenses that won’t chip, crack, shatter or let in UV rays are imperative for keeping your eyes safe from damage in any environment.

Coming in various materials, the whole concept of “designer” is that they are perfectly created for an individual’s needs. The closest thing to custom, whether you are looking for a sturdy feel or a lightweight one, materials from plastic to metal are mixed and matched to help everyone find the perfect glasses to make their life a little more comfortable.

Designer eyeglasses come with the additional warranty to ensure that if you have any problems with your frames or lenses, they are fully covered. Whether scratched, broken, or bent, repairs and replacements are offered without hassle.

Your eyeglasses are something that you wear all day, every day. Although a more expensive alternative to generic or online knockoffs, spending the additional money to get authentic designer eyeglasses is well worth it. When dealing with something as important as your eyesight it is always better to prefer quality to cost.

Village Eyecare specializes in customization and takes great pride in offering personalized care foryour eyes and your eyewear needs. Please contact us or stop by any of our four Chicago office locations to discuss any questions to may have about designer eyeglasses.