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Blue-violet light is everywhere.

  • Damaging blue-violet light can be found everywhere and the more you’re exposed to it, the greater your risk of eye damage.
  • Increasingly, health professionals recommend that people of all ages protect their eyes from excessive blue-violet light exposure.
  • BlueProtect shields your eyes from damaging blue-violet rays, indoors or out.

Blue-violet light: A health threat hiding in plain sight.

  • Like invisible UV radiation, exposure to blue-violet light can affect your eyes and your health.
  • And the threat is increasing as we are exposed to increasing levels of blue-violet light.
  • The American Macular Degeneration Foundation warns that blue-violet light may contribute to retinal damage and macular degeneration.
  • Viewing digital devices at night can also disrupt the brain’s production of melatonin, causing sleep disturbances.

Shielding your eyes from damaging rays.

  • BlueProtect is specially designed for people who spend a good deal of time in front of their computer, television or tablet, or are frequently exposed to LED and CFL lighting.
  • The advanced light-filtering system of BlueProtect blocks a significant amount of the most harmful blue-violet light.
  • BlueProtect gives your eyes enhanced protection from potential blue-violet light damage.

Superior clarity and scratch resistance.

  • BlueProtect incorporates leading edge anti-reflective and scratch-resistance technology ensuring both your eyes and eyeglasses are protected.
  • Surface reflections from lenses can distract you and interfere with your vision, particularly in lowlight conditions like night driving. Anti-reflective lenses reduce reflections, resulting in clearer vision.
  • Superior scratch-resistance technology helps protect lenses from developing scratches due to cleaning and normal wear and tear.

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