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Eyeglasses Chicago | Ophthalmic Lenses

New advancements in lens options offer comfort like never before. New lighter, thinner plastics, scratch resistance, anti-glare coats, UV protection, photochromics, and tints will make your glasses attractive, functional, and sturdy.

Also, progressive lenses have improved significantly with advanced designs. Whether it’s scratch resistance for glasses that come on and off often, or anti-glare coating for ongoing comfort from hours at a computer screen or under fluorescent lights, we have an on-site lab that can custom craft your eyeglasses in Chicago to suit your needs.

When selecting eyewear in Chicago for your vision correction, you will be choosing your eyeglass frames, the type of lens, and lens coating with our trained staff of Optometrists and Opticians. Be sure to let us know about the activities you participate in when wearing glasses and ask your eye care professional about the lenses he/she has recommended for you, so we can choose lenses and eyewear that meets your vision needs.

Know your eyeglasses coating options:

  • Anti-Reflective: Reduces reflections to a minimum for crisper, clearer vision in all lighting situations.
  • Anti-Scratch: Provides optimum protection against scratches which can interfere with vision.
  • Anti-Static: Repels dust and dirt so lenses stay cleaner longer.
  • Hydrophobic: Dirt and moisture slide off the surface, so the lens is quicker and easier to clean.
  • UV Coating: Some lens materials block 100% of harmful UV rays. Those that don’t require a coating or treatment that offers full UV protection.

Additional options include:

  • Self-Tinting Lenses: Tint reacts to changing light, darkening in the sun, and clearing indoors. Self- tinting lenses offer full UV protection.
  • Polarized lenses: Sun lenses that filter out almost all glare created by sunlight reflected off of water, snow and other surfaces.

Care for your ophthalmic lenses. Don’t leave your eyeglasses in the sun or near a heat source as this can damage the coating and frames. Most importantly, remember to keep your eyewear in a protective case when not in use. We look forward to helping you care for your eyeglasses in one of our Chicago locations.