Digital Lenses

Digital lenses are actually not a type of lens, but an advanced new process for creating lenses. Advanced computer technology is used to create a three dimensional map of the imperfections in your vision and is unique to every individual. A personalized measurement with digital lenses will reduce distortion, sharpen vision, and provide unmatched comfort. With digital lenses, you’ll experience sharper vision at all distances and in all light conditions. You’ll even have a personalized near vision zone, allowing you to see more vivid colors and detail, a wider field of vision, and sharper vision across the whole lens.

prescription glasses Chicagolenses in Chicagonight driving glasses

Better Visual Contrast.
White letters on a black background look crisp

Better Color Vision.
Colors are bright, intense, and more brilliant

Better Night/Low Light Vision.
Glare and halo effects are reduced at night

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