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Computer Lenses

Millions of people spend long hours working at their computers, and if you are one of them, your computer monitor could be doing real harm to your eyes. Sore and tired eyes, headaches and blurred vision, even neck and back pain from straining to see your monitor, are all symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS. CVS can affect anyone who works on a computer. While maintaining good posture is an important part of the solution, a prescription for customized computer lenses can significantly reduce many of the symptoms that you may be experiencing. Customized computer lenses are different from regular eyeglass lenses. Regular eyeglass lenses may be good for reading, or driving, but they are not always suitable for computer work. Computer lenses are uniquely designed to make it easier to focus at the distance of your computer monitor, and reduce the glare caused by the lighting in your working environment. These lenses can also be given special tints, and lens coatings, that provide sharper vision, and better protection for your eyes. Computer glasses are not intended to replace your regular eyeglasses. They are recommended as a second pair of glasses, because they are customized to provide enhanced vision specifically for the workplace environment.

ZEISS Officelens

Digital Eye Strain affects millions of people every day. Are you one of them?

  • Do you use a computer or digital device more than two hours per day?
  • Do you suffer from dry or tired eyes, head, neck or back pain during these activities?

If so, you may be suffering from Digital Eye Strain. Now there is an eyeglass lens that can help your eyes stay comfortable at a computer and in other up-close activities: ZEISS Officelens.

The right tool for the task.

Digital Eye Strain is often the result of wearing lenses with inadequate intermediate vision, which is vital for computer work. Digital Eye Strain results not only in eye problems but can also impact other parts of the body.

Reading Lenses offer no intermediate vision.

Result: Wearers lean in toward the screen to see clearly, creating an unnecessary strain to neck and back.

General-purpose Progressive Lenses offer a narrow intermediate located below eye level.

Result: Wearers lift their heads to view the screen, causing a strained neck and shoulder muscles.

Unlike reading lenses or ordinary progressives, ZEISS Officelens is designed specifically to solve this problem.

Solution: ZEISS Officelens

This provides a wide, ergonomically positioned lens for near and intermediate use. Wearers maintain a natural posture for complete comfort all day long.

ZEISS Officelens lets you personalize your vision based on your needs.

Your eye care professional will help you choose which of these working distance options is right for you:

Not just for computers.

ZEISS Officelens provides clearer, more comfortable vision for any other near and intermediate activities like cooking, gardening, or gaming.

Make your life easier

Put an end to Digital Eye Strain and get clear, relaxed vision all day long.

Ask your eye care professional about ZEISS Officelens today.

ZEISS Digital Lens

You’re working smarter, but your eyes are working harder.

Smart phones and tablets have become essential to your life. But your eyes weren’t designed for digital screens, or the constant refocusing from the screen that comes with frequent smart phone and tablet use. The result: your eyes get tired faster. That’s why 70% of U.S. adults suffer from Digital Eye Strain. And if you’re wearing distance-only glasses or none at all, you’re not getting the relief you need.

Now there’s ZEISS Digital Lens, designed specifically for your digital lifestyle. Only ZEISS Digital lets your eyes move easily between your digital world and the real world – and see both with clarity and comfort.

ZEISS Digital Lens gives you a wide, clear view of the world around you, plus an area of extra focusing power designed specifically for viewing digital devices.

You’ll enjoy:

  • Easier focusing on your devices
  • Relief from Digital Eye Strain
  • Clarity for all activities, all day

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