Contact Lens care tips

Contacts lenses allow for excellent vision in daily life, sport and work activities. While there are many benefits to wearing contacts, the benefits can be counteracted by not properly caring for them. Taking the time to create healthy habits to maintain contact lenses is extremely important in keeping eyes healthy and happy.

For those who’ve recently picked up their new contact lenses at Village Eyecare in Chicago, read the follow contact lens care tips.

10 Simple Things Every Contact Lens Wearer Should Do Regularly

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Wash Hands

Before handling your contact lenses, always wash your hands with soap and water.

Contact Lenses rinse

Rub and Rinse

Rub and rinse the contact lenses with disinfecting contact lens solution immediately after removal. Village Eyecare recommends using Opti-Free, BioTrue, and the newer peroxide cleaners for all re-usable contact lenses.

Contact Lenses case cleaning

Keep a Clean Case

After each use, rub and rinse the case with disinfecting solution. Dry by storing upside down in a clean area, keeping the caps removed. This drying tray is avaliable at

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Remove Before

Remove your contact lenses before sleeping, swimming or prior to any activity that would compromise the lenses or your eyes.

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Soak Overnight

Soak your contact lenses overnight in the proper solution. A Village Eyecare eye doctor in Chicago can provide information about ideal soaking products for specific contact lenses.

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Be Prepared

If contact lenses are causing pain or discomfort, make sure to have a backup pair of glasses available. If contact lenses are damaged, have glasses or replacement contacts available.

Contact Lenses instructions

Follow Directions

Follow manufacturer and doctor directions for wearing the lenses. If contacts are only to be worn for a certain length of time, or need to be replaced daily, monthly or yearly, follow recommendations.

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Replace the Case

Contact cases should be replaced every three months.

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Healthy Eyes Only

Remember R.S.V.P: if your eyes become Red, Sensitive to light, Vision becomes blurred, or Painful, remove the contact lenses right away and make an appointment to see an eye doctor immediately.

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Annual Eye Exams

For the best vision, schedule prescription exams at Village Eyecare annually.

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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Village Eyecare highly recommends the use of daily disposables contact lenses as a convenient hassle-free option that is ideal for the eye health of contact lens users. Daily disposables are more hygienic, helping to reduce inflammation, and risk of eye infections. They are also better for those who suffer with dry eye and/or allergies.

Daily disposable contact lenses offer a simple single-use option eliminating the need for solutions and storage. This improves proper handling and lens care which is very important in maintaining eye health. We find that our patients appreciate the convenience and comfort that the daily disposable contact lens option offer. In recent years the cost of daily disposable lenses have greatly decreased making this option more affordable.

Contact Lens Exams at Village Eyecare

Eye exams serve more purposes than simply getting a prescription, because the exam is an opportunity to assess the overall health and wellness of your eyes. Village Eyecare uses the latest technology to evaluate eye health, determine proper fit for contact lenses and help people select the right lens to suit their lifestyle. All three locations carry Acuvue, Bausch + Lomb, Cooper Vision, Alcon and other top brands.

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