Village Eyecare Frame Feature: ProDesign Denmark

Prodesign Denmark devotes themselves to creating a high synergy between a person’s face and the frames they wear. At Village Eyecare, we know that quality matters and investing in frames is an important decision, particularly because you’re wearing them every day! We especially love Prodesign Denmark because they’re known for designing eyewear that highlights the best qualities of the face and they pay extreme attention to detail using the finest materials available.

ProDesign Denmark Men - 2017 Featured Frames

Today their young, dynamic design team leads the process of creating quality frames and sunglasses, which are always true to their promise of a great facial fit. They rely on their deep understanding of facial shapes to design great looking eyewear, and by using photos of real faces in the design process, they make sure the frames have a good optical fit. Their entire collection is inspired by key contemporary trends and made to be timeless and long lasting.

The collections from Prodesign Denmark are very versatile, making it easy to find a frame to fit your style perfectly. Let us help you pick your next frames, schedule your next eye appointment at Village Eyecare here.

ProDesign Denmark 2017 Women - Featured Frames

Why we love Prodesign Denmark: Their frames are ‘face friendly.’

Available at the following Village Eyecare Locations : University Village, Wicker Park, South Loop, Hyde Park.

ProDesign Red Wood Frames 2017