Will an eye doctor near me have frames that I love? Rest assured, Village Eyecare offers a variety of frames, including the latest unique designer styles. And to ensure the best vision from your lenses in the frame that you choose, all Village Eyecare locations utilize the latest lens fitting innovation, i.e., Terminal by ZEISS.

How does the lens measurement technology help me?

Achieving your best vision possible is more than just the accuracy of your prescription.  The preciseness of your frame and lens fitting as they are designed to fit your unique facial features – eye spacing, nose, and cheek bone positioning – all affect how your glasses will perform.   With the help of ZEISS’ latest lens measurement technology, your chosen frames can be perfectly fitted with your vision needs, allowing for a perfect fit and optimal performance.
For over 160 years, ZEISS has been a pioneer of innovative technology and one of the global leaders in the fields of optics and optoelectronics: Nobel Prize winners make progress with ZEISS microscopes. Google Earth sees more with ZEISS lenses. Hollywood captures more with ZEISS camera lenses. Even the first man on the moon was photographed with a ZEISS lens – and the doctors at Village Eyecare take pride in being at the forefront of this cutting edge technology, for the advancement of eye care – and the improvement of their patient’s lives.

Should I look for this technology at an eye doctor near me to help me find the perfect pair of glasses?

Absolutely! Nothing beats a pair of great fitting lenses, and the implementation of the latest digital measurement and simulation technology by ZEISS at our Hyde Park, South Loop, and University Village offices offers an array of advantages:

  • Fast lens fitting process
    Lens fitting technology makes finding the perfect pair of prescription glasses to address your vision and comfort needs.  By simply holding the i Terminal device up to your face, measurements can be taken in as little as 60 seconds that are 60% faster and 84% more accurate than manual measuring procedures.
  • Improved lens performance and comfort.
    As a result of fitting errors, lenses can lose more than 40% of their optical performance. With the use of the i.Terminal, your new eyeglasses will be made specifically for you, resulting in a faster adaptation and better performing lenses.  Proper lens positioning can also minimize headaches, incorrect body posture, and eye strain

Is this technology available at an eye doctor near me?

Village Eyecare is proud to offer ZEISS digital measurement and simulation technology at its area practices. Visit our Hyde Park, South Loop, or University Village today and discover the difference in performance a true eyeglass fit can make.