Drivewear – The Best Eye Care Tool When Getting Behind The Wheel

These days, so much of our time is spent in transit. Going from one activity to the next, whether you are lugging children around or commuting to and from work, driving puts a lot of strain on your eyes. Most of us go from staring at a computer screen to hopping in the car with very little thought about how our eyes have to adapt and compensate. Drivewear lenses are an advanced type of lens that allows people to be their safest when getting behind the wheel.

What are they?

Drivewear lenses are specifically developed and designed for the hazards of driving. Created for any driving environment, they have built-in photochromic lenses that darken to accommodate for windshield glare. The photochromic dyes are intuitive enough to respond to various conditions and to block harmful UV rays.

They also have a polarized filter to block the glare of both daytime light reflections and low light oncoming headlights. What makes them ideal is that they can go from high to low light and cover any environmental conditions you encounter year round.

How do they work?

Whatever circumstances you encounter behind the wheel, driving lenses will help your eyes see colors at their brightest by either maximizing or minimizing light for crisp and clear vision. In low light conditions, the lenses have a green or yellowish hue that helps to create a high contrast. The tinting also helps to maximize light while minimizing glare to make driving safer.

During the day, they work to reduce UV light damage and to shield your eyes from the glare of the windshield. A copper color reduces excess light and visual glare. Driving lenses also help to make colors appear brighter, so there is no mistaking traffic light colors. In addition, the polarized lenses reduce sun glare, which can lead to poor vision and dangerous driving conditions.

Not just for driving…

Despite the name, drivewear lenses are not just for driving. When outdoors, the glasses adjust with a dark red/brown tint to reduce both sun glare and protect the eyes from sun damage. Blocking both UVA and UVB rays, they shield the eyes from UV radiation and the macular aging that can result from UV damage.

How an eye doctor can help

Finding an eye care specialist with advanced technology in quality eye care near you gives you more options to correct your vision and prevent eye damage. Whether you spend a long time in commute or behind a computer screen, specialized lenses will optimize your vision, protect it for the long-term, and help keep you safe when behind the wheel.

You have a lot riding on the quality of your vision especially when you get behind the wheel of your car. Visit Village Eyecare at one of our three locations in Chicago for the best in quality eye care to ensure that you make it to your destination safe and sound.