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ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses Unveiling in Berlin

Dr. Sarai & Dr. Sood were invited as honorary guests to Berlin for the unveiling of ZEISS DriveSafe lenses

In addition to learning about ZEISS DriveSafe lenses Dr. Sarai and Dr. Sood also toured the Zeiss manufacturing plant and the Zeiss optics museum in Berlin.

ZEISS, a global leader in precision optics, teamed up with Mercedes Benz to unveil its new ZEISS DriveSafe lenses at a spectacular event at Berlin’s historic Tempelhof Airport. A select group of eye care professionals from around the world were flown to Germany to learn how DriveSafe lenses help wearers see better and feel safer in low-visibility driving conditions. The event included an actual road test of the new lenses on a course that simulated the experience of driving in the rain, at night, and in other challenging conditions.

Developed in collaboration with auto industry experts, ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are designed to be worn all day, but to provide extra visual support while driving. This is accomplished through three key technologies:

  • An innovative progressive lens design that allows for fast refocusing as the driver’s vision shifts from the road ahead to the dashboard or rear and side-view mirrors.
  • A breakthrough anti-reflective coating specially designed to reduce disturbing glare from today’s Xenon and LED headlights.
  • Luminance Design® Technology, a new lens design approach for clearer, more natural vision at twilight and on cloudy days.
Zeiss drive safe lensesDrive Safe Lenses ZeissDrive Safe glasses

Better Visual Contrast.
White letters on a black background look crisp

Accurate view of the road,
dashboard, rear-view and side mirrors

Reduced glare at night
from oncoming cars or street lights

As leading U.S. Optometrists, Dr. Sarai and Dr. Sood of Village Eyecare Chicago, took the test-drive and
expressed enthusiasm for the new ZEISS lenses.

Dr. Sarai & Dr. Sood - ZEISS DriveSafe