Style Update: Current Trends in Eyewear

When choosing a set of glasses or sunglasses at our vision center, it is essential that you consider the current trends in the fashion industry. Glasses can be more than a simple way to correct your vision, because they can also be a great way to update your style at the same time.

As you look through some of the top brands, such as Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Ray-Ban, and the other large brands we carry in our offices, you will see a few common themes that are popping up in the eyewear industry. These are some of the most common fashion trends that are gaining in popularity:

Colorful Frames

While simple black or brown frames are still popular with many, some people find them boring and are turning to chromatic shades for the frames. You will find a wide range of colors, including red, yellow, purple, and blue at our offices. Often, the colored frames are designed with thick rims, which help to make a strong statement with the glasses.

Grey Frames

In contrast with the bright colors that are popular, grey is another color that is promising to be popular during the fall and winter months. These frames can be paired with cooler colors of makeup to finish the look of the perfect winter outfit. Often the grey colors are paired with patterns or textures, such as camouflage.

Nerd Glasses

Thick-framed “nerdy” glasses are not just a part of funny Halloween costumes anymore — they’re  now showing up on fashion runways. Wearing thick frames is a look that is going viral, which means that you won’t be the butt of the jokes at school because of the glasses. The sexy librarian look is a great way to attract attention and make a statement with your accessories. In fact, some people are choosing to wear thick-framed glasses strictly as accessories, even if the person has good vision and doesn’t need corrective lenses.

Cat Eyes

The cat eye shaped glasses are making a comeback, although the shape is a little different compared with the original trends many years ago. The modern cat eye glasses are designed with thick frames and a rounded, more subtle cat eye shape where the glasses turn up on the sides.  Something about this shape makes you feel just a little happier, maybe because the look and feel turns up the corners of your mouth into a smile at the same time.

Retro Shapes

The retro styles of the ‘60s and ‘70s are making a comeback in the design of frames. Some of the retro designs that we are seeing include circular lenses, aviators, and ombre lenses. These glamorous styles mix a touch of disco in with some of the other modern trends that are popular right now.

Picking Your Frames

Do you want to stay informed about the current eyewear trends in the fashion world? We have all of the latest styles and the best designers that are popular in the eyewear industry.

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