Protecting Your Eyes on the Sports Field

Protecting Your Eyes on the Sports Field

If you love the thrill of the game, then it is essential that you are careful to avoid injury when you are on the field. Even if you aren’t participating in full-contact sporting activities, there is always a risk that your eyes could be damaged. Each year, around 40,000 people experience sports accidents that affect their eyes. Up to 90% of these injuries could have been prevented by wearing the right type of eye protection.

The majority of people who experience sports-related injuries are children. As a parent, you need to be proactive to give your kids access to the right equipment. Preventing eye damage early in life is essential to ensure that the child has good vision into adulthood.

Recommendations for Eye Protection

How do you find the right solution to prevent injury on the field? There are different types of eye protection products that can be used. Having a conversation with an optometrist is critical so that you can find the best products to match your needs.

A hit in the eye with a ball can be painful. Even worse is an accidental finger in the eye when an opponent reaches for the ball. Even if you aren’t coming in contact with the other team, you still need to protect your eyes.

Here are a few recommendations that you might consider:

  • Baseball or Softball: A helmet with a shatter-proof face shield
  • Basketball: Glasses or goggles that wrap around the sides of the face
  • Football: A full facial guard is best, with a shield that attaches to the front of the helmet
  • Hockey: Full-face helmet
  • Lacrosse: A form-fitted, padded mask that protects the full head and eyes
  • Running: Sunglasses or sports glasses
  • Soccer: Sports glasses or goggles
  • Swimming: Waterproof goggles
  • Tennis: Lightweight sports glasses with a wrap-around feature
  • Volleyball: Sports goggles

If you are playing the game outside, then it is best to choose protective eyewear with tinted lenses. You also might consider the benefits of prescription lenses so that you can enjoy clear vision without wearing contact lenses.

Customized Eye Protection

Wearing a pair of regular eyeglasses on the field doesn’t offer the protection that you need. In fact, your glasses might be the cause of avoidable injury and could result in additional harm to your eyes if the glasses are hit. The glass could break on impact and pierce the eyeball. Or, a frame could dig into the skin and cause a laceration.

Consider the benefits that are available on the field when you are wearing a good pair of sports glasses. Not only will you be more comfortable, but prescription lenses with anti-glare coating can improve your vision. As a result, you are ready to respond to the plays that are happening, helping to improve your performance.

Talk to an optometrist to learn more about the importance of protective eyewear. If you or your child participates in regular sporting events, then this eyewear is a great investment. For more information, contact our team at Village Eyecare. We offer four optometry offices in the Chicago area, making it easy to find the equipment that you need at a location near your home.