Don’t Lose Out on Insurance Benefits Each Year

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Don’t Lose Out on Insurance Benefits Each Year

Insurance enables families to get the medical, vision, and dental care that is needed. In many situations, it is difficult for people to foot the bill when they are paying for the full cost out-of-pocket. But, a monthly premium makes it possible to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, especially for checkups and preventive care.

Whether you have vision insurance through a private plan or the benefits are offered by your employer, it is important that you understand how the coverage works. Learning about your insurance benefits will enable you to take advantage of the resources that are available.

Do You Need Vision Insurance?

Medical insurance is common, but not all families have vision insurance. A vision insurance plan is set up in a way that lowers the cost of routine eye care, such as eye exams and the corrective lenses that are needed. In some cases, vision insurance also covers emergency services or eye surgery. For example, you might have a portion of the cost for LASIK surgery covered, depending on the type of plan.

Every insurance company is different. So, it is important that you review your plan coverage to know what is available for your family. If you have questions, you can call the insurance provider to learn about the treatments and resources that are covered by the plan.

Most plans offer discounts on preventive and diagnostic care, such as an eye exam. You will need to check to see the frequency of coverage that is available for these appointments. Additionally, discounts are available for eyeglasses, frames, lenses, contact lenses and more. Often, lens enhancements are covered as well. For example, you can choose to have anti-reflective coating added to your lenses to reduce the glare when you are wearing your glasses.

Using Your Vision Insurance Coverage

Vision insurance is a little different compared to medical insurance. Many general health insurance policies are set up so that you have unlimited benefits as long as the co-pays and deductibles are met. In comparison, vision insurance plans offer discounts on specific benefits, but the benefits are not unlimited.

So, it is important that you take advantage of the resources that are available for your family this year! If you fail to use the insurance coverage, then it is a use-it-or-lose-it situation. Your benefits will not roll over to the next year. Instead, the insurance coverage starts fresh at the beginning of each year. It makes sense to schedule an eye exam right now so that you can use the benefits that are available this year; then you will have new benefits available when the calendar changes.

If you have questions about your insurance coverage, then you are welcome to talk to our team at Village Eyecare. We work hard to help our patients maximize the coverage that is offered through the insurance plan. Our team is familiar with many of the major insurance providers in the area. We can assist with billing and the support that is needed to ensure that you are using the benefits that are available. Visit one of our four Chicago offices for more information.