Why You Need Multiple Pairs of Glasses or Contacts

When it is time for a new prescription, customers will often choose a pair of eyeglasses to wear. In most situations, people select just one pair of glasses or contact lenses because they don’t understand the benefits of multiple pairs of eyewear.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of vision correction lenses without worrying about your lifestyle, then you need to have several pairs of glasses or contact lenses. Here are a few reasons why:

Accessorizing Your Outfit of the Day

You change the style of shoes and clothing each day, why not use your glasses as an accessory as well? It seems natural to pick out a pair of shoes or purse to match the outfit for the day. In the same way, you can have several eyeglass frames to create the finishing touch on your style.

Trendy, thick-rimmed glasses might look great with your office attire. But, this design could look clunky if you are wearing a beautiful dress for a weekend night on the town. Choose contrasting designer frames to match the styles of clothing that you commonly wear.

Functional Lenses for Everyday Activities

At the same time, you also need to think about the daily activities that you enjoy. It doesn’t make sense to wear your designer eyeglasses on the basketball court. Instead, have a pair of prescription sports glasses that can be used in the gym, outside, or during any active hobby that you enjoy.

Even if you don’t participate in regular sports activities, you need a good pair of sunglasses to wear while driving or attending outdoor events. Choose prescription sunglasses, giving you the freedom to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and clear vision at the same time.

Some people like to use special lenses for indoor activities as well. For example, if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen, then you might want to have a pair of computer glasses. These lenses can protect your eyes by reducing the effects of blue light and glare from the computer monitor.

Backup Lenses to Keep You in Business

Do you feel like you can’t function without your glasses? If you have poor vision, then you might not be able to drive or work if you don’t have your glasses or contact lenses.

Unfortunately, accidents happen… leaving you in a frustrating situation if your glasses are broken. If something happens, then your backup pair of glasses can save the day. Not only can you continue with your regular routine, but you also have something to wear while the other frames are being repaired or replaced.

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