The Dangers of Fireworks – Protecting Your Eyes

The Dangers of Fireworks: Protecting Your Eyes

It is an American tradition to enjoy fireworks on some of the major holidays: July 4th and New Year’s Eve. Everyone loves to gather for a big fireworks display. Or, it is fun to get together with the neighbors to light a few on a quiet street.

Explosives and Your Health

Even though the colors and exciting and beautiful, it is important to remember that these explosives can be dangerous. Hospitals often face many injuries during firework season, due to people who made mistakes when lighting fireworks at home. Lighting a firework means that you are sending a small explosive into the sky. Often, small pieces of shrapnel can fly out of the firework, even when it is pointing towards the sky.

In addition to the airborne fireworks, there are also dangers from sparklers and poppers. Children should be closely supervised when using these products to prevent the risk of injury.

Eye Injuries from Fireworks

If a small piece flies out of the firework and hits your eye, you could be facing a painful and potentially blinding situation. These injuries are common for the people who are lighting the fireworks, as well as the bystanders watching the show.

One fast-moving piece could change your life if it hits your eye. Severe damage to the eye could result in a loss of vision that can’t be corrected.

If an accident occurs, it is important to avoid rubbing the eye. Even though it seems like the eye needs to be flushed, you shouldn’t rinse the eye. Rinsing, applying pressure, or applying medication to the eye could cause the situation to get worse. The best thing that you can do is go to the emergency room. It is essential that your eye receives treatment as soon as possible, helping to improve the outcome for recovery.

Safety When Lighting Fireworks

Prevention is always a good way to protect yourself, your family members, and your friends. The safest solution is to enjoy a professional firework show so that you don’t need to be near the exploding fireworks. If you choose to light fireworks at home, then it is best for everyone to wear protective eyewear. A pair of goggles could block a flying piece of shrapnel and save your vision.

Always follow the safety instructions that are listed on the packages. Never create homemade fireworks or contraptions that light multiple fireworks at once. Young children should stand back when the fireworks are lit. Even though sparklers can be a fun activity for kids, everyone should be using protective gear to avoid burns and injury.

There’s no doubt that you can have a lot of fun lighting fireworks together. But, it is important that you are careful to avoid the potential danger to your eyes and overall health. If you need help finding protective goggles for an upcoming firework activity, then talk to us at Village Eyecare to learn about the best products in the industry. We have four optometry locations in Chicago in the event there is a need to see one of our office for an urgent eye care visit.