Reading Glasses – Why Over-the-Counter Products Aren’t Good Enough

Reading Glasses: Why Over-the-Counter Products Aren’t Good Enough

If you are over the age of 40 and you find that you need to squint when reading a book, then it might be time to talk to an optometrist about reading glasses. Don’t be worried about your vision when you notice these changes in your eyes. It is normal to experience visual changes with age. Your eye doctor can help you identify the cause of the vision problems, as well as treatments that can be used to restore your vision.

Reading glasses are commonly used among people who are middle-aged and older. These lenses offer the perfect solution so that you can enjoy your favorite books without eye strain. Some people are worried about the cost of paying for prescription glasses, so they pick up over-the-counter reading glasses from the local drug store. But, it is important that you understand the differences so that you know why it is so important to visit an optometrist for prescription lenses.

Get a Diagnosis

Just because your vision is blurred, you can’t make assumptions about the reason why your eyes are changing. Picking up a pair of over-the-counter reading glasses doesn’t get you closer to an official diagnosis. It is important that you have a conversation with an industry expert so that you understand the reason why you are experiencing changes in your vision.

In many situations, your optometrist will suggest a pair of prescription reading glasses to correct the problems. But, the exam is also helpful to identify if any other eye diseases need to be treated. Early treatments always offer the best solution to slow the progress of eye disease.

Personalized Prescription

Did you know that most people have different vision in each eye? As a result, the eyeglasses you get from an optometrist will have unique prescriptions for each lens. If you choose over-the-counter reading glasses, then you will have a pair that uses the same prescription in each eye. As a result, using the glasses could strain one eye because the prescription is too strong or weak for that eye.

Quality Matters

You will spend a lot of time wearing your reading glasses, which is why you need to choose a quality product. Not only will the lenses be personalized to match your vision, but you also have other options that can be added to your glasses. For example, you can choose anti-glare coating or durable lenses that are resistant to scratches. Additionally, you have a wider variety of frames to choose, helping to improve your appearance with designer styles.

At Village Eyecare, we understand the importance of custom solutions for our patients. We provide high-quality, designer eyeglasses, helping you make a statement when you use your reading glasses. Visit one of our four Chicago locations to view the name-brand frames that are available. You are welcome to browse through the selection that is available in our office. Or, talk to us to order custom frames if you are looking for a specific style. We are always here to help!