Helping Your Child Make the Transition with Vision Correction Lenses

Wearing Glasses: Helping Your Child Make the Transition with Vision Correction Lenses

It can be a challenge for a young child to get used to the idea of wearing glasses every day. Whether you have a toddler or teenager that needs glasses for the first time, it is important that you are supportive of this change. Parents can play a role to help the child learn to care for their glasses. With the right training, a child might love the glasses because of the visual results that are available.

Start by Choosing the Right Frames

The first step is to talk to an experienced optometry team to choose the right frames to match your child’s needs. Not only should you look for durable materials, but the frames should be fun and stylish. Include your child in the selection process, so that they feel excitement and responsibility for their new glasses. If the child is involved in choosing the product, then it increases the likelihood that they will be willing to wear the glasses each day.

When you are in the optometry office, make it a fun experience! Select different styles and colors and invite the child to put on a fashion show with all of the options. Narrow down the frames to a few favorites. Don’t underestimate the value that you can find in the recommendations that are made by the experienced office staff.

It is important that you find a style that the child likes. Also, fit needs to be considered. The glasses should be lightweight and comfortable. If the frames are too heavy or bulky, then it increases the likelihood that the child will remove their glasses frequently throughout the day.

Making Glasses Part of the Routine

Consider your daily routine and find ways to integrate glasses into the things that you do with your child. For example, every morning your child eats breakfast, gets dressed, and brushes their teeth. Add the glasses to their routine so that it becomes second nature to put on their glasses first thing in the morning.

Always use positive language when you are talking about the glasses. Don’t tease the child about being a “four eyes” or “bottle eyes.” Instead, talk to the child about how cool it is to wear glasses. You might even look for pictures online that show celebrities in glasses. Pull up a picture of Harry Potter or Superman to help your child see that glasses can be fun. Also, point out family members and friends who wear glasses so that the child has a few role models close to home.

Visual Support for Your Child

Regular eye exams are important to ensure that your child is wearing the right prescription. For more information, schedule an appointment with our team at Village Eyecare. We provide optometry care for the entire family! Visit one of our four locations in the Chicago area to talk to an experienced optometrist. We are always here to answer your questions and help with your child’s vision. Call today for more information!