Eye Protection for Snow Sports

Eye Protection for Snow Sports

When the weather turns cold, everyone is adding extra layers to stay warm through the winter. During this time, you might not be thinking about eye protection. But, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of taking care of your eyes. Even though you aren’t spending as much time outside, it is still possible that your eyes can be damaged by the sun.

Here are a few winter-specific times to take care of your eyes during the coldest months of the year:

Invest in a Good Pair of Sunglasses

Choose sunglasses that offer UV protection. Not only are you exposed to the UV rays coming from above. But, the sunshine can also bounce off the snow, which amplifies exposure. If you are spending time outside, then you need to be wearing sunglasses during the daylight hours.

A cheap pair of sunglasses might have tinted lenses to help you avoid squinting in the sun. But, you also need to make sure that your glasses have a UV filtering feature. Just because the lenses are tinted, doesn’t mean that your eyes aren’t exposed to the UV rays from the sun.

Try Using Snow Goggles

Sometimes, sunglasses aren’t enough to protect your eyes. If you are flying down the mountain on skis or a snowboard, then it is essential that you use goggles. Not only will the goggles provide full eye coverage and sun protection, but they minimize the risk of dry eyes due to the wind. Plus, your eyes will be protected if anything flies up and hits your face or you brush past a tree branch that is at eye-level.

Minimizing Dry Eyes

It is common to feel like everything dries out during the winter months. Your eyes are exposed to the hot, blowing air that is coming through the HVAC system. As a result, you probably feel like you need to use lip balm, lotion, and eye drops throughout the day.

Make sure to keep a bottle of quality eye drops on hand so that you can use them as often as needed. When you are spending a lot of time indoors, choose a seat away from the vents and heat sources. If your symptoms are severe, consider the use of a humidifier. Also, don’t forget to drink more water to avoid dehydration during the winter.

Finding Quality Snow Gear

Are you looking for a good pair of ski goggles? Talk to your optometrist to get a quality brand. Instead of cutting corners on cheap products, make sure that you invest in the snow equipment that will protect your health and improve performance.

At Village Eyecare, we are dedicated to providing all of the eye protection that you need. For more information about the products that are available, you are welcome to visit one of our locations. We have four offices in the Chicago area, making it easy to find a location near your home or office. Talk to one of our optometrists for personalized recommendations so that you can choose the right products for your needs.