Do Online Vision Tests Offer Accurate Results?

Do Online Vision Tests Offer Accurate Results?

Where do you turn when you are looking for information or services? Most people pull out their smartphone or laptop to search for these details online! The internet has created many opportunities for tools, resources, and more. But, some things still require in-person services. Online substitutions aren’t a good match for the expertise that comes from a professional in the industry.

Eye Exams: In-Person or Online?

Eye exams are one example of a time when you need to visit a doctor in person for the best results. Even though a website might claim to provide accurate results, you can’t trust the information that you find online. These online tests aren’t what they seem.

The online exams use a serious of letters, shapes, and lines to assess your vision. Some of the tests even take it to the next level to have an optometrist review the information so that you can get a prescription for eyeglasses.

But, you need to understand that an online test doesn’t measure everything that needs to be tested. You might be able to get a general idea about refractive errors, visual acuity, light sensitivity, and color discernment. On the other hand, the computer can’t offer insights into signs of serious eye diseases.

When you visit an optometrist for an eye exam, your eye doctor is looking at more than your vision. The exam is designed to identify early signs of eye problems, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. Identifying the symptoms in the early stages increases the effectiveness of treatments that are available.

Don’t Risk Your Vision with an At-Home Eye Exam

If you are suffering from undiagnosed visual problems, then it is essential that you work with an optometrist as soon as possible. Some of these eye conditions creep in without noticeable symptoms. Your eyes might feel fine until it is too late! Your eye doctor can identify things that are happening which might show that you need additional treatments.

Also, consider that vision changes could be an indication of other health problems. For example, one of the warning signs of diabetes is that the vision is blurred. You might think that you need glasses when you actually need a full scope of treatment to correct the blood sugar issues.

Visit a Chicago Optometrist

The only way to get an accurate prescription is to visit an eye care professional in person. Proven tests can be used to measure your vision, ensuring that you get the right prescription for your glasses and contacts.

Plus, consider the fact that most insurance companies will cover the cost of an official eye exam. But, online expenses aren’t covered by your insurance. You will need to pay for these online tests out-of-pocket.

Even if an online vision test seems promising, it is essential that you get the best services that are available to protect your vision. Skip the online vision test and use the internet to find a local optometrist in your area.

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