Did You Know that Your Sunglasses Have an Expiration Date

Did You Know that Your Sunglasses Have an Expiration Date?

It is common for people to pay attention to expiration dates on the jug of milk in the fridge and other food items in the cupboard. There are even expiration dates listed on beauty products and car seats! But, have you thought about checking the expiration date for your sunglasses?

It might seem like a surprise to hear that your sunglasses can wear out over time. But, the truth is that your sunglasses have a shelf life, just like many of the other products in your home.

How Often Do You Buy New Sunglasses?

Some people buy new sunglasses regularly. It can be fun to have a new pair of designer sunglasses to match the latest summer outfit! Shopping for sunglasses can be like shopping for shoes or a new handbag.

On the other hand, some people find a pair of sunglasses that they like, and then they continue wearing the same sunglasses for many years. As long as the glasses look good and the lenses aren’t damaged, there is no reason to retire them, right?

The truth is that researchers found that regular wear and tear can have a negative impact on the quality of your sunglasses. Over time, the UV protection decreases, causing the efficiency of the lenses to go down. Even though you aren’t squinting in the sun when you are wearing the sunglasses, you probably aren’t getting optimal protection while wearing an old pair of sunglasses.

Additional research is needed to understand the optimal time to replace a pair of sunglasses. Don’t assume that you need to replace your sunglasses every month. Instead, take good care of your current lenses to prevent damage and scratches. Don’t be shy to buy yourself a new pair of sunglasses every year or two.

Choosing the Right Designer Sunglasses

Skip the cheap grocery store sunglasses and find quality products that will protect your vision when you are spending time in the sun. A good optometry team can help you compare brands and UV filtering benefits, ensuring that you have a trusted pair of designer sunglasses to wear when you are watching your kid’s soccer game or relaxing by the pool.

Make sure that you have polarized lenses to block the glare. Also, look at the ratings that indicate the UV light protection that is available. It is a good idea to choose a wraparound style or large frames that protect your eyes from all sides.

The darkness of the lenses doesn’t make a difference in your eye protection. Instead, you need to focus on the lens rating to know how much UV light will be filtered out. Many people prefer darker lenses to minimize squinting when they are in the full sunlight.

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