Are Beauty Products Harming Your Eye Health

Are Beauty Products Harming Your Eye Health?

It is common for women to feel like they can’t leave the house without putting makeup on first. If you like to improve your appearance with beauty products, then it is essential that you are selective about the brands and products that you choose. Certain cosmetic ingredients can trigger allergies or reactions. Or, the risk of eye infection might increase if you aren’t careful about the things that are put near your eyes.

The Risks of Common Beauty Products

Not every item in your bathroom drawer will harm your health. But, there are a few risks that are increased with specific beauty products. Here are some of the biggest concerns that can impact your eye health:

  • Eyelash Extensions: Even though extensions and false eyelashes are all the rage right now, there are drawbacks to choosing these beauty products. When eyelash extensions are used, they could damage the roots of the eyelashes and even cause the natural eyelashes to fall out. The risk of eye infection increases because the fake eyelashes are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, some people have allergic reactions to the glue that is used to secure eyelash extensions or temporary eyelashes.
  • Eyeliner Placement: A popular look is to place eyeliner on the waterline of the eyelid. Instead of putting the makeup on the other side of the lashes, women place the makeup on the rim of the eyelid. This practice increases the makeup particles that move into the eye. As a result, the risk of infection and irritation goes up.
  • Colored Contacts: Even though contact lenses aren’t categorized as beauty products (they are medical devices), these lenses are often used to enhance a person’s appearance. The use of low-quality lenses or contacts that aren’t fit to the size of your eye could lead to serious issues, such as eye trauma, inflammation, and infection. In severe cases, the eyelids or corneas could be damaged by the use of colored contact lenses. If you are going to wear these products, then make sure to buy them from a reputable source, such as your eye doctor.

Any time you are touching the eyes to apply makeup or wipe away tears, it is important that you have clean hands to prevent infection. Also, you need to watch the expiration dates on the makeup to ensure that you freshen the products frequently. Don’t share makeup with other people because of the risk of cross-contamination.

Being careful with your eye health doesn’t mean that you can’t use any beauty products. Instead, you should be selective about the brands and ingredients that you buy. If there is ever a question about the safety of your makeup, you can talk to your eye doctor for personal recommendations.

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