Advances in Optometry Technology: Digital Lenses vs. Digital Measurements

There is no doubt that advances in technology have transformed the field of optometry over the years. Modern diagnostics and treatments make it possible for your Chicago eye doctor to offer top-notch services that weren’t available 50 years ago.

Do you understand the many ways that our digital world has impacted your vision? Digital measurements and digital lenses are two technology benefits that we would like to feature today. Some patients assume that these phrases are interchangeable, but there are distinct differences that you need to understand:

Digital Measurements to Identify the Shape of Your Eye

During your eye exam, our team at Village Eyecare can use digital equipment that is so precise that it provides a “fingerprint” of your eye. We use these tools to map the curve and shape of your cornea, giving us the opportunity to measure even the smallest changes that might occur.

By using this modern technology, we can reduce the guesswork in the examination to ensure that you receive the best vision correction lenses for your individual situation. These diagnostics are precise and fast, optimizing the diagnosis and treatment process.

Digital Lenses Deliver Crisp Optics

After using digital measurements to identify your vision problems, this information can be used to create lenses catered to the needs of your eye. Using cutting-edge digital technology, we can shape the lenses in a way that delivers top-notch, crisp images when you are wearing your glasses.

We use your prescription information as well as the measurements of the frames; then our digital lens technology creates precise lenses for you to wear.

What are the benefits of digital lenses? Using these lenses can offer some of these advantages over traditional lenses:

  • Decrease distortion in the glass
  • Reduce headaches
  • Decrease eye strain
  • Minimize dizziness

These lenses are often used for special circumstances, such as patients who have astigmatism or require stronger prescriptions. Since we can reduce the “fish-bowl” effect that happens when there is a wrap in the frame, you have a wider variety of frames to choose from when picking out your glasses.

Are Digital Lenses Right for You?

For years, people have used regular lenses for vision correction. While these tools were beneficial to improve eyesight, new technology has brought more options to the industry. Choosing digital lenses is similar to buying a custom suit instead of something off the rack at a department store. Just like a custom suit is tailored to fit the shape of your body with exactness, digital lenses are created to match the shape and position of your eyes.

The Best Digital Technology from Your Primary Eye Care Doctor

Here at Village Eyecare, we work hard to stay ahead of the trends in the optometry industry. Our team is dedicated to providing our patients with the best services that are available, including digital equipment to optimize your experience in our offices.

We offer four convenient locations in the greater Chicago area, giving you easy access to top-notch optometry care. Call us today for more information about the benefits of digital lenses.