Children’s Eye Care: What Parents Should Know

As a parent or caregiver, have you noticed that your child seems to be having vision problems? In some situations, it might be possible to identify vision difficulties at home. But, there are other situations where it is difficult to recognize the warning signs. It is essential that you schedule regular eye exams to be sure that your child has good vision. Even if your child doesn’t wear glasses, these regular check-ups are still necessary.

It is common for children to have vision problems. In fact, the American Optometry Association (AOA) has suggested that 25% of the children in the United States have some type of a condition that impacts their vision. If these eye problems are left untreated, then it is possible that the learning and growth of the child could be negatively impacted.

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Back-to-School Eye Exam

Right now is a great time to schedule an appointment for your child in a pediatric vision center. Scheduling this exam before school starts can set your child up for success this year. During this exam, we will check for many different types of vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, eye muscle imbalances, and more.

Instead of waiting for eye problems to develop, it is better to take your child in for regular eye exams with a Chicago Optometrist. This exam is an opportunity to diagnose eye problems in their early stages so they can be treated before they get worse.

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How Visual Problems Impact Learning

When a child is experiencing vision problems, it is likely that they are having learning problems as a direct result. Logically it makes sense: if the child can’t see the board at the front of the classroom, then their attention and learning can be impacted. It is common for learning disabilities to be associated with eye problems, which means that improving vision could potentially help to reduce the learning disability problems as well.

Any time a child has a learning or focus problem in school, it is essential for you to schedule an appointment with an experienced pediatric eye doctor. By treating these problems early, you can avoid the life-long problems that can result from learning-related issues.

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Supporting the Development of Your Child

Additionally, vision problems can have an impact on the development of your child. Poor vision can hinder the development of both neurological and physical growth. If there are eye muscle imbalances, such as wandering eyes or crossed eyes (known as strabismus), then it is possible that this problem can lead to lazy eye.

In this situation, the brain is avoiding double vision by suppressing the vision within one of the eyes. If the eye condition is left untreated, it could potentially lead to long-term vision loss in that eye. Most parents don’t know the signs that they should be watching for, which is why it is essential to talk with an experienced Chicago optometrist.

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Children’s Eyeglasses

Children’s eyeglasses are unique because they are designed to be a smaller size to fit the child’s face. Typically, these glasses are designed to be a little more durable compared to adult glasses, because of the active lifestyle of children. When shopping for these products, look for trusted brands to know that you are getting a high quality, durable product.

Additionally, your child can choose safety glasses for use during sports and other active events. Here at Village Eyecare, we offer Miraflex brand eyewear for children. These products are designed to protect the child’s eyes in order to reduce the chance of injury.



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