There are many things to consider if you need vision correction. While some people go with getting contact lenses and glasses so they can have options, there are others who only get a pair of glasses or a set of contacts to use. Which is more right for your lifestyle? Only you and your optometrist can decide that, but here are some things to consider.


  • Eyeglasses have been around much longer than contacts, and there are specific benefits and disadvantages to them.
  • Eyeglasses can be a fashion statement. There are some faces that are more defined and attractive with glasses.
  • Eyeglasses are easy to slide on quickly and in any situation.
  • Eyeglasses can make some appear more “bookish” than without glasses, a big pro to some looking to rise up through a specific industry where you need to put your best foot forward.
  • Glasses, however, aren’t too convenient in the rain and snow conditions.
  • Wearing glasses also gives you some distortion, some side-vision issues, and poor reflections (glare).

Contact Lenses

There are plenty of pros and cons to having contact lenses.

  • Contacts give you an unobtrusive view of the world and more natural vision.
  • Contacts will not fog up or have weather issues.
  • Contacts aren’t noticeable, so no one knows you’re vision is impaired.
  • Wearing contacts is the ultimate in fashion friendly, because they match everything.
  • However, contacts can get torn or lost and without a backup, leave you without good vision.
  • Contacts require more maintenance and cleaning than glasses.

However, both need to be carefully maintained, with cleanings and easy handling. Both contact lenses and glasses can help you correct astigmatism if you have that eye condition. And both can be completely affordable to the average consumer. Talk over your concerns about them with your Chicago Optometrist.