What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment in which custom-designed corneal molds (similar to contact lenses) are used to gently reshape the cornea of the eye. The corneal molds are worn while sleeping and removed upon awakening, giving clear vision during the day without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. Orthokeratology can correct refractive errors like nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and presbyopia (unable to focus clearly at near after 40 years of age).

Ortho-K is completely reversible and non-invasive; discontinuing to wear the corneal molds will result in the cornea to return to its original shape.


  • Myopia Control
  • Corneal Molding

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    Why Ortho-K?

    Ortho-K holds particular appeal for certain groups of people:

  • Children with progressive myopia
  • People who want freedom from their glasses or wearing their contact lenses during the day
  • People who play sports – especially contact and water sports
  • People working in dusty or dirty environments
  • People with dry eyes or allergies

  • Children with progressive myopia – Ortho-k can be an ideal vision correction method for children who are genetically prone to having their nearsightedness progress year after year. Ortho-K is scientifically proven to dramatically slow, or potentially halt the progression of myopia. Numerous studies have shown that Ortho-k slows myopia progression on an average of 45%. This reduction in myopia can have a positive impact on the long-term health of a child’s eye(1)

    People who want freedom from their glasses or contact lenses during the day - Being able to see clearly throughout the day without wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses or having a surgical procedure like LASIK done is one of the main benefits of Ortho-k.

    People who play sports - With Ortho-K, individuals can enjoy the freedom of playing sports without worrying about their glasses getting damaged or contact lenses falling out. Ortho-K lenses are only worn at night while asleep, leaving one with perfect vision during the day on the sports field, court or in the swimming pool.

    People working in dusty or dirty environments - Some people find it uncomfortable to wear glasses or contact lenses during their daily activities. Ortho-k allows one to not wear corrective lenses during the day and yet see clearly for all activities.

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